Edinburgh Meaning Science Lab

Edinburgh Meaning Science Lab combines theories and methodologies from cross-linguistic formal semantics and evolutionary linguistics to investigate questions such as: ‘How are meanings expressed in natural language?’, ‘Are there universal patterns in the way meanings are encoded in different languages?’, ‘If there are such universal patterns, what are the principles that underlie them?’.

Currently, the lab is running the following two research projects:


  • Wataru Uegaki, Principal Investigator
  • Milica Denić, Postdoctoral Fellow (from April 2022; currently at Amsterdam)
  • Ciyang Qing, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ella Hannon, Research Assistant
  • Victoria-Elliot Bush, Research Assistant (QMUL)
  • Esther Lam, PhD student
  • Takanobu Nakamura, PhD student


Talk series

Jointly with Brian Rabern (Edinburgh Philosophy), we organise a talk series by external and internal speakers who work on issues in meaning. See here for the current schedule of the talk series.