Refereed articles in journals

  • Uegaki, Wataru and Yasutada Sudo. accepted. The *hope-wh puzzle. Natural Language Semantics. [current draft PDF]
  • Cremers, Alexandre, Floris Roelofsen and Wataru Uegaki. to appear. Distributive ignorance inferences with wonder and believe. Semantics & Pragmatics. [PDF]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2019. The semantics of question-embedding predicates. Language and Linguistics Compass. 13(1). [DOI] (Open access)
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2018. A unified semantics for the Japanese Q-particle ka in indefinites, questions and disjunctions. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics. 3(1), 14. [DOI] (Open access)
  • Elliott, Patrick D., Nathan Klinedinst, Yasutada Sudo and Wataru Uegaki. 2017. Predicates of relevance and theories of question embedding. Journal of Semantics 34(3): 547–554. [DOI]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2016. Content nouns and the semantics of question-embedding. Journal of Semantics 33(4): 623-660. [DOI]

Refereed articles in books

  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2014. Cross-linguistic variation in the derivation of alternative questions: Japanese and beyond. In Uli Sauerland and Luka Crnič (eds.), The Art and Craft of Semantics: A Festschrift for Irene Heim, 251-274. Cambridge, MA: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. [PDF]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2012. Inquisitive knowledge attribution and the Gettier problem. In Maria Aloni, Floris Roelofsen, Katrin Schulz, Galit Weidmann-Sassoon & Matthijs Westera (eds.), Logic, Language and Meaning: Selected Revised Papers from the 18th Amsterdam Colloquium. LNAI, LNCS, Springer. [DOI]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2011. ‘Nearly free’ control as an underspecified de se report. Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 8: 511-536. [PDF]

Manuscripts in review cycles

  • Uegaki, Wataru. submitted. The existential/uniqueness presupposition of wh-complements projects from the answers. (please contact me to obtain a copy)
  • Uegaki, Wataru. under revision. Non-local use of the Japanese excessive marker sugi as an overtly QRed degree quantifier. (current decision: revise and resubmit; please contact me to obtain a copy)


  • Uegaki, Wataru. under contract and in progress. Question-oriented attitudes. Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy series, Springer.

Papers in conference proceedings

  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2018. On the projection of the presupposition of embedded questions. Proceedings of SALT 28. [DOI]
  • Uegaki, Wataru and Floris Roelofsen. 2018. Do modals take propositions or sets of propositions? Evidence from Japanese darou. Proceedings of SALT 28. [DOI]
  • Uegaki, Wataru and Yasutada Sudo. 2017. The anti-rogativity of non-veridical preferential predicates. Proceedings of Amsterdam Colloquium 2017. [PDF]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2016. Japanese alternative questions and a unified in-situ semantics for ka. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21. [PDF]
  • Roelofsen, Floris and Wataru Uegaki. 2016. The distributive ignorance puzzle. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21. [PDF]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2014. Predicting the distribution of exhaustive inference in a QUD model. Proceedings of NELS 44. [PDF]
  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2014. Japanese alternative questions are disjunctions of polar questions. Proceedings of SALT 24. [DOI]
  • Uegaki, Wataru and Paul Marty. 2013. Investigating the alternative-sensitivity of “know”. Proceedings of SALT 23. [DOI]
  • Kubota, Yusuke and Wataru Uegaki. 2009. Nothing else for something else: a variable-free account. Proceedings of SALT 19. [DOI]
  • Kubota, Yusuke and Wataru Uegaki. 2009. Continuation-based semantics for Conventional Implicatures: The case of Japanese benefactives. Proceedings of SALT 19. [DOI]

PhD dissertation

  • Uegaki, Wataru. 2015. Interpreting questions under attitudes, PhD dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [DSpace link]

Other manuscripts (available upon request)

  • Uegaki, Wataru. Ms. Predicting the exhaustivity of embedded questions under factive predicates.
  • Uegaki, Wataru. Ms. Hamblin semantics for Telugu wh-indeterminates and correlatives, MIT.
  • Uegaki, Wataru. Ms. A scale-based semantics for Japanese resultatives.
  • Uegaki, Wataru. Ms. [r]-epenthesis in Fukuoka Japanese verbal inflection. Generals Paper, MIT.