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ModUni2 @ Konstanz

Practical details

Workshop structure

The workshop consists of public talks as well as an internal meeting where project members discuss the progress on the following three subprojects:

  1. Cross-linguistic variation and universals in the markings of epistemic stance (subproject lead: Malte Zimmermann)
  2. Attitudes and Selection: (subproject lead: Floris Roelofsen + Wataru Uegaki)
  3. Mood and tense marking in the embedded context (subproject lead: Maribel Romero)

Program for the public sessions: Wednesday October 9

8:30 Registration, coffee
8:50 Opening remarks
9-10 Regine Eckardt: Evidentials, modals and modal analyses for non-modal words (tentative)
10-11 Jakub Szymanik: Explaining Semantic Universals: Learnability, Evolution, and Complexity
11-11:30 coffee break
11:30-12:30 Todor Koev & Maryam Mohammadi: Strong and weak readings of believe (tentative)
12:30-15 lunch
15-16 Kajsa Djärv: Why knowing me is different from believing me: entailment and argument-structure asymmetries across factive and non-factive verbs
16-16:30 coffee break
16:30-17:30 Wataru Uegaki: Experimental investigations into the semantic nature of the selectional restriction of attitude predicates
19:30 workshop dinner


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